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Hydrofoiling Beginner Tips

Straps Setup with Moses T40 Hydrofoil Kiteboard
We recommend only front straps to start arranged as follows (back strap position is dependant on stance preference but think of a wide stance):
  • Mount the front straps at the front for: Fluente, Silente 560/330 or Vorace Freerace
  • Mount the front straps at the back for: 2015 and before Silente 425/270 or 450 wings

Safety First:
Use a helmet and buoyancy aid or impact vest.  Wearing boots will help stop potential foot injuries from kicking the foil.

Balance practice:
Take a wide stance and get practiced at getting you knee over your toes on your front foot. Try and lift your back leg off the ground whilst standing balanced on your front foot. That is the feeling you will need.

Getting into the water:
  • With the foil downwind of the board, put your arm around the board, in front of the foil (for balance), pick it up and carry it to the water
  • Keeping the board on its side and the foil on the surface, walk until you reach at least chest depth water then body drag until you are out of your depth

Learning to Ride:
  • Think and feel knee over front toe, knee over front toe, knee over front toe
  • Water start, get a wide stance and try to ride the board flat on the water (do not edge).  Go back and forwards quite few times (you do not want to be foiling yet).
  • Once you can ride at a good twin tip speed, olly it over a brick whilst going straight back to front foot pressure with the knee over the toes feeling. Hopefully you are now foiling.
  • If it is a bucking bronco, you are probably below the sustainable foiling speed – go faster!
  • You will probably end up going upwind. Take your time body dragging back downwind to keep the foil in the water.
  • Next, try to go on a beam reach so that you don’t have to drag downwind and then the fun really starts.
We are pretty sure you will now be totally hooked!